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Contoh Soal Teks Narrative bentuk isian dan Jawaban


Contoh Soal Teks Narrative bentuk isian dan Jawaban

SOAL UN SMA 2013/2014

Questions 29 to 31: complete the following text with the words provided.

Long ago, a rich man wanted the very best education for his son, and so he sent him abroad to learn other languages. A few years later when the young man returned home, the only language he had learnt was the dog’s language. The father was so indignant that he drove his son out of the house, and said that he wished to have nothing further to do with him. The young man ….(29)…. his house with his broken heart.

After a great deal of wandering, the young man arrived in a village which was terrorized by a group of fierce dogs. Although everybody had advised him not to wander there, the young man insisted on going into the wood where dogs lived, and, too much amazement, he returned without even a ….(30)…. He said that the dogs has spoken to him, explaining they were ….(31)…. because they were compelled by a spell to keep guard all the time over a rich treasure chest buried in the woods.The young man solved all the problems by digging up the chest for himself, so the dogs troubled the villagers no further and were free to wander.

29. ……
A. saw
B. left 
C. took
D. visited
E. destroyed

30. ……
A. fight 
B. bark
C. pack
D. crack
E. scratch

31. ……
A. sad
B. tame
C. greedy
D. fierce
E. disappointed