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Contoh Surat Sahabat (Friendly Letter)

Contoh Surat Sahabat (Friendly Letter) – Sudah lama sekali rasanya tidak pernah membuat artikel mengenai Surat Bahasa Inggris. Kebetulan juga terdapat beberapa artikel Surat Bahasa Inggris yang lupa dibuat, oleh karena itu pada kesempatan kali ini, saya akan menghadirkan Contoh Surat Sahabat (Friendly Letter). Semoga bermanfaat.
Sebenarnya Menulis Surat Sahabat (Friendly Letter) tidak begitu sulit. Menulis surat sahabat selayaknya kita menulis surat sehari-hari untuk teman, sahabat, orangtua, dll. Karena memang surat sahabat (Friendly Letter) ini termasuk ke dalam golongan Informal Letter. Di bawah ini penulis sertakan dua Contoh Surat Sahabat (Friendly Letter) untuk pembaca sekalian.
1. Camping

Jl. Condet No. 43 Kramatjati
Jakarta Timur 13530
November 7, 2012

Dear Imam

It’s been so long I haven’t seen your face again. How are you? I hope see your face again, since I saw you last year. I am in holiday right now. It’s great.

I spent my school holiday to go camping in Ciremai Mountain. You know, this was our hobby that we admired most. I was getting a nice moment here, you know after studying hard in the school, this was the time to refresh my mind. My camping was accompanied by our friend Sanusi. Did you still remember Sanusi? The little fat man who always carried a big bag. You would never forget that person.

I came here, in the camping land with Cirebon Nature Lovers. It was so fun, we did a lot of great job here. We explored the mountain and cleaned the mountain from the trash. We collected and gathered the trash and brought them to the camping land. In the camping land, we burnt the trash to creat fire. When the fire was lit up, we people were like in a party. We danced, laughed, sang, and laughed. That was a great moment.

I hope your holiday’s been going well for you too. My holiday that day would complete if you were there with me and Sanusi. Would you like to meet up some time in the next holiday?

Your besr freind,

P.S. Sanusi says hi.

Jl. Suweta No. 5
Ubud, Bali
Juli 23, 2012

Dear Uncle and Aunt

It’s hard to believe that you move yesterday. I hope you live well there. But actually I lonely here. If you were here, I would never fell lonesome.

Tomorrow is my final excamination day. My future lies in the result of the test. People says that the final examination day is a scary day. Yes indeed, I feel so nervous facing that day. But my parents always give me some advice to calm down my own feeling. They said to me “You definitely can pas that excam”. It sometime affects me.

I have prepared all things to facing the final excamination day by studying hard past 6 months. I studied a lot of subjects such as mathematics, English, Indonesian, geography, sociology, and economics. My learning portion also added to able to master those all subjects. And I belive I can pass the final excamination tomorrow.

My dearest uncle and aunt, after I finished the final excamination, there is holiday that given by school. I have planed to visit your home in Ubud, Bali. There I will take a vacation explore Ubud and Bali. Would you like to receive me there.

Your Nephew

Berikut di atas merupakan dua Contoh Surat Sahabat (Friendly Letter), anda juga bisa melihat artikel sebelumnya yang membahas bagaimana Menulis Surat Sahabat (Friendly Letter). Terima kasih, semoga bermanfaat.< br />

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