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Dongeng Bahasa Inggris – Batu Menangis

Cerita Bahasa Inggris tentang Si Batu yang Menangis, Selamat Membaca :

A long long time ago in west Sumatra, Indonesia there was a fisherman and his wife who lived in a village by the sea.   They had only one son.  His name was Malin Kundang.  They lived a simple life because as a fisherman the husband did not earn much money.  Life got harder for Malin and his mother when his father did not return from the sea.  Perhaps a storm had swollen his boat or maybe a big fish attacked him.  Day by day  passed and they kept waiting for him.  But Malin’s father never returned.  So little Malin had to help her mother sold cookies in a local market.
One day there was a big ship came to the beach of their village.  It was a merchant ship.  Everybody came to see it including Malin.  He was very impressed by what he saw.  Hoping to change his life he applied for a job and he was lucky.  He was recruited by the ship owner.  Then Malin left his mother and his village.
Many years gone by without any news from Malin.  Malin’s mother missed him so much.  Everyday she looked at the sea, hoping to see Malin came home.  She always prayed to God that Malin become a successful merchant.  Then God heard her pray.

On a beautiful day there was a big ship came to the beach.  Many people came there to see it.  Malin’s mother was expectant.  She was sure that it was Malin’s ship.  So she hurriedly came to the beach.  When she was there she asked someone that she wanted to see the owner of the ship.  Then a lovely lady met her.  She wore a luxurious dress and jewellry.  She was Malin’s wife.

‘Is Malin Kundang here?’
“Do you know Malin?”
‘Yes, of course I know him,  he’s my son!’
‘But Malin told me he had no mother.  She passed away a long time ago’.
Malin’s mother was very surprised to hear her answer.  Then Malin came.  Her wife asked him.
‘This poor woman said that you are his son’
Malin Kundang who had became a rich merchant and had a wife from a rich family was ashame with his mother who looked poor.  He denied his humble background.  So when her mother hugged him he repelled her.
‘Malin, my son, I miss you so much’.
‘Who are you? I am not your son’.
Malin’s mother was was crying.  She was really irritated.  Her heart was deeply hurt.  Then she prayed to God.  And she cursed Malin.
Suddenly there was a storm.  The sea was raging.  Big wave came and Malin’s ship was rushed ashore and destroyed.  And Malin suddenly changed into a stone statue.  Today people can see Malin’s statue in Teluk Bayur beach in west Sumatra.  When there is a storm or rain people often hear someone’s crying.  They believe it is Malin’s cry.

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